an album?

jennifer hudsons debut album is supposed to be released sometime this summer. the first single is called "stand up".

does anyone have "stand up" and would like to send it to me?

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Well, this community doesn't have that many people in it (yet), but once more people join, hopefully they'll take this poll!

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I listen to Jennifer Hudson's rendition of "Circle of Life" at least once a day, partly because I'm an Elton John fanatic and partly because that was my favorite theme night from last season so I listen to the mp3s from it frequently, especially Jennifer's "Circle of Life" and La Toya's "Someone Saved My Life Tonight"... both were brilliant. I loved Jennifer's beginning solo for the EJ medley as well (for "Benny and the Jets").

PS - To the moderator: If you want to add a website to the userinfo, it's She's recording an EP right now.
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